Caring for your home, just got way easier! 


The RS1 Home Maintenance Based website is geared towards home maintenance, remodeling, and/or lawn care. RS1 Home Maintenance Based is on sale through SMN Web Services as is with the option to upgrade and add your company specifics. All content is for demo purposes and can be moderated.

Established in 2014, RS1 Home Maintenace Based is a locally owned and operated family business. RS1 Home Maintenace Based sets itself apart from competitors as a one-stop shop for refreshing your home. 

We have quickly become the preferred and most comprehensive provider of home & property maintenance services for homeowners! While eliminating the hassle of maintenance and repairs, your maintenanced home will have improved curb appeal, pristine landscaping, updated interior and exterior designs, painting, flooring, and more! 


Scheduled services ensure that important home care maintenance is done on time, helping you avoid expensive repair costs in the future that stems from neglect and disrepair. We provide repair services and scheduled home maintenance packages to make the work of being a homeowner easier!

Our services include lawn care, pressure washing, gutters cleaning, exterior window cleaning, HVAC/Fridge/Dishwasher filter changes, alarm battery changes, hard to reach light bulb changes, carpet deep cleaning & stretching, cleaning carpets, and more!

We provide fair pricing for all with many different packages that can be tailored to your specific needs. Please check out our prices and packages page to see more.

If you have questions or inquiries please feel free to reach out!